Flakesfleet’s Got Talent?

Recently I visited the Flakesfleet Primary School  situated in a social housing estate within the Fleetwood boundary.  The town, once a noted fishing port, bears the signs of economic and geographical isolation. McNally (2019) COMMENTED: In recent decades Fleetwood has suffered a succession of setbacks which would have tested the fortitude of the most resilient... Continue Reading →

The future of public exams

Ofqual has announced that all public exams this summer have been cancelled but grades will be awarded on the basis of other evidence.  The details of how this will be done have not been announced at the time of writing, but we can guess how it might be done.   How are they going to... Continue Reading →

Feeling Frayed?

Since pre-history, where grasses were twisted by hand to help to move large rocks and stones, humans have been making rope to aid and assist the pulling of goods. Ancient Egyptians used fibre from papyrus plants, but hemp, coir and sisal have since provided the tensile strength required for the job (as well as being... Continue Reading →


A bit of brain science There has been a great deal made of the implications of advances in brain science for schools.  Too much probably, because experienced teachers will recognise that they were doing certain things long before ‘brain science’ told them to. Nevertheless, Ofsted now expects all teachers, tutors and mentors to know a... Continue Reading →

World Mental Health Day

“When did ‘wellbeing’ become a buzz word in the teaching profession”, I ask myself? I qualified 17 years’ ago and it has not always been a focus throughout my career. I was not trained in my PGCE year, my NQT year, nor as a Head of Year or as a Pastoral Senior Leader in strategies... Continue Reading →

If you only read one thing….

Just in time for Christmas, University of Buckingham PGCE trainees reveal the books that have helped them through the first term. Paul Dix (2017). When the Adults Change, Everything Changes: Seismic Shifts in School Behaviour. Camarthen Independent Thinking Press. Reviewed by Leah Joseph, PGCE trainee Dix’s writing focuses on fostering a new culture at school which... Continue Reading →

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