A-level Results 2020 by Barnaby Lenon

Has A-level grading been a disaster? Yes for a significant minority of pupils. The Ofqual algorithm did not use centre assessment grades for most pupils, it used historic grades.  Individual pupils who are at the bottom of the rank orders, but are in fact better than their predecessors, have suffered. On the other hand, the... Continue Reading →

Calculating the Estimates: Examining the 2020 A Level and GCSE Grades By Vanessa Evagora

Extraordinary Circumstances Demand Extraordinary Measures Many northern hemisphere countries use examinations during the summer months as their main method to recognise and award student achievement. In the UK, statutory qualifications, such as GCSEs, A Levels and Scottish equivalents, have exams during the summer and the grades awarded for these are published on Results Days in... Continue Reading →

The Buckingham Journal of Education edited by Max Coates

The first edition of the Buckingham Journal of Education is focussed on curriculum. The authors range across its history, design, development, impact  and social implications. The peer reviewed articles traverse a wide range of dimensions and perspectives around the curriculum. Overall, the articles present an eclectic mix of thinkers and their thinking on education. The... Continue Reading →

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