UCAS reforms: PQA by Barnaby Lenon

Should we move to a system whereby pupils only apply to universities once they have got their results?  This is called PQA – post-qualification admissions.   There are two obvious models which are the subject of the DfE consultation, open to 13 May. International students are excluded from these models.   Model 1)  Post-qualification applications….apply... Continue Reading →

The Motivation Mystery by Laura Purser

What if we could tap into a child’s inner desire to learn? How could a parent promote learning when their child appears disinterested and unengaged? How could using coaching of self-efficacy, increase internal motivation to learn? Exams are off, schools are ‘closed’ to the majority, and parents are expecting themselves to step into the shoes... Continue Reading →

Let’s get rid of exams by Barnaby Lenon

The best argument for getting rid of exams is that they having a bad effect on society by strongly suggesting that the only way of being successful in life is doing well in academic qualifications. They prioritise the cognitive elite at the expense of those who have completely different talents, especially those David Goodhart calls... Continue Reading →

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