Impact of cancelled exams by Barnaby Lenon

There will be a number of consequences of the cancellation of GCSEs and A-levels.  Firstly, there will be a vast number of 16 and 18-year-olds who are bored and idle between March and September.  They are confined to their homes. Their schools may attempt to set work online.  This is important because private schools need to justify... Continue Reading →

Threshold Concepts by Mark Deacon

If you don’t “get” this, you won’t be able to understand “that”. Schools are feeling the impact of curriculum and accountability reforms. There are heartfelt pleas for the future of the arts which are being squeezed out to make space for subjects included in accountability measures. There is also a decline within subject provision. Science... Continue Reading →

Mentoring Matters

How can we align our Early Career Teachers offers across groups of schools? Crossing the boundary from being a school leader to working in teacher training in a Higher Education Institution has challenged my perspective on many things including how we train our teachers and who trains them. Throughout my career I have volunteered to... Continue Reading →

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